Thank you for visiting my website – My mission is to create the highest quality electric guitar for the most affordable price and provide quality Guitar servicing and setups for electric, acoustic and bass guitars.

I pair modern technology and manufacturing techniques with old world craftsmanship to create great playing and sounding instruments at a price far below my competition.

My mission is to create the highest quality electric guitar for the most affordable price. My instruments are custom designed and hand finished in the UK to fit the precise requirements of each individual guitar player’s wishes, but without the high cost you would expect see at this level of craftsmanship. I use the exact same production process as the big name guitar manufacturers, using the finest woods, electronics and hardware. My luthiers and I have decades of hands-on guitar building and “fine tuning” which insures that our guitars deliver the best possible guitar at these incredible prices:

In addition to building guitars I also collect them. My collection has become quite extensive ranging from Stratocasters from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s to more exotic guitars such as D’angelico, D’aquisto, Zemaitis, Fender & Gibson Custom Shop, and my Birdfish made by Ulrich Teuffel.

I have spent years refining techniques to make my guitars play and sound as good as possible. My guitars have to pass the basic criteria: Sound, Playability, Looks and Affordability

I utilize my collection to take precise measurements of the construction and setup from world class guitars and transfer these onto my own guitars and Guitar setups.

The kind of setup performed on a £10,000+ Custom Guitar is the same as the setup I perform on all my guitars (see setup section) regardless of the cost of the guitar. I also perform these setups on my customers own guitars – a well setup guitar is a pleasure to play and hear. So if you have a guitar that is playing like a cheese grater, drop it by my workshop to see if I can get it to play better. I can also install new pickups, fix broken necks, replace old nuts and saddles, re-profile the back of the neck, as well as complete restoration work on vintage instruments

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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